About: Kirk Meyer

Kirk Meyer is the former (and founding) Executive Director of the Boston Schoolyard Funders Collaborative, a group of private sector philanthropies partnering with the City of Boston on the Boston Schoolyard Initiative. Prior to his last position, he was Director of Education for the Boston GreenSpace Alliance, a membership network of open space organizations in Boston. Kirk also helped found the Boston Food Bank and was its first Director of Corporate Affairs. During his tenure, the food bank’s membership grew to over 600 agencies and became the largest non-governmental food relief program in New England. During this period he was Chair of the Massachusetts Anti-Hunger Coalition. Before returning to Boston, Kirk was co-owner and President of Snow Flower Frozen Desserts (Woodstock, NY), the country’s first commercially sold and nationally distributed soymilk ice cream. He has traveled extensively including a two year stint living in Afghanistan, India and Nepal. Kirk believes trees are the highest life form on the planet and he loves all kinds of music but especially the Blues.

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